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Because we work with a variety of materials including laminates, metals, woods, veneers, and solid surfacing, design opportunities are limited only by the imagination. Whether in the form of a simple countertop or an expansive entry, lobby, or reception area, our casework and millwork products provide a prominent statement of quality, beauty, and personality.\n

Our in-house installers and finishing experts devote their full attention to precision and accuracy. All of our installations are engineered and built to the precise specifications of your designer or architect.

In environments such as laboratories, the use of chemicals, water, and other liquid solvents around sink areas creates concerns about the potential for countertop damage. To alleviate any worries of this type, we provide chemical resistant laminate, stainless steel, phenolic, and epoxy resin countertops for chemical, heat, abrasion, and moisture resistance.

CFI is proud of our long-term relationships with AWI Quality casework manufacturers including TMI Systems Design Corporation. We also support LEED and environmental sustainability initiatives in a variety of important ways. From LEED/Green product initiatives, such as using recycled materials and VOC-free components that improve indoor environmental quality, to the manufacture and distribution of products, we have solutions that will help you meet your LEED compliance goals.

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